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Guaranteed best price

Would you like to be able to park near your workplace? You find the best price for a parking space.

Free Publications

Enter the details and the description of your space to register your place of free parking. Owners can create a free ad to rent their parking spaces.

Make profitable with your parking

Do you live near a train or subway station, an event center, airport, or sports? Rent out your parking space for you get it cheaper.


You have residential parking restrictions near your home? Have you rented a car and do not know where to park? Parking spaces near your house, the house of your friends / family or your job.


Provide greater public parking to drivers and thus reduce traffic, fuel consumption, wear of the cars and especially the pollution of big cities.


Looking for safe and secure parking for your car park? We are a community of people using the resources wisely. Values of respect and kindness to make the world a better place.

Spot Privé

Spot Privé is a platform that allows drivers to find a parking space of a private parking, a public parking with unused parking spaces or a parking operator.

With our platform, thousands of owners have extra incomes by renting their unused parking spaces.

Rent your parking space

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  • Parking spot details

    At the end of the registration process, you can complete the information for your parking space), upload photos, add additional parking spaces... directly from your admin panel.

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